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Side Effects of SPDT Cancer Treatment

Indiana Center for Advanced Medicine

  • SPDT often provides immediate symptomatic relief. Patients often experience reduced pain and nausea, as well as a halting of weight loss and an improvement in their appetite levels.
  • The treatment process itself is health enhancing, not negative to patients’ health.
  • Side effects are only due to cancer breakdown. These are fairly easily managed.
  • Although some side effects may be uncomfortable, such as mild fatigue, slight skin irritation, tingling sensations; they are very mild in comparison to those experienced during/after some other cancer treatments.
  • SPDT has shown no evidence of long-term damage.
  • Even if the cancer does recur, SPDT can be repeated as many times as required and still have full effect.
  • There is no risk of disfigurement. Successful SPDT eliminates cancer cells/tumors – that is all.

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